Artist Statement

My quest is to create art that questions the meaning of my own existence in time and place and the meaning of being in this world.  The sense of belonging is a difficult concept for me to grasp for my identity is not defined by where I come from but rather by the places I have been and the people I have met on my journey.  While uncovering the many facets of my own existence, I strive to return to the source and to uncover the multi-layered meanings of my life.  While traveling throughout Europe and the Middle East, I was able to capture the multi-layered aspects of different cultures and the history of great civilizations.


Through my own transformation, as a result of connecting with other cultures, belonging to our common humanity yet being different at the same time, I transform my images to reflect my own vision of the world.  From the natural world to the family of man, I use my photography as an instrument to capture life's moments in time and space within the social fabric and the natural landscape.


The goal of my artistic project is to use art as a bridge of understanding and empathy towards our world, be it the family of man or the natural world.  While traveling, I was able to appreciate that our commonalities transcend our differences while those same differences enrich our world.


Marlene Luce Tremblay

© 2016 by Marlene Luce. 

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