Artist Statement


The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration.” - Claude Monet


When I find myself in museums admiring the art from the great masters, I am overwhelmed with that impression of timelessness and when I find myself in the natural world, I have that same sense of timelessness of beauty and harmony.


In fusing images of the natural world with images of the masters, bridging the past with the present while transcending time, I surrender my inspiration to the infinite vision of creativity with love.  It represents a dialogue between art and the timeless beauty of the natural world to create images that expand our existing views of the world. 


Not being able to travel during the global pandemic, I traveled within while connecting with the natural world.  I realized that I often take for granted my surroundings in the countryside which is filled with natural beauty.  The rhythm of the seasons is so likened to my own as I am aging which, in many ways and especially in these dire times, is a privilege.


While we are witnessing the effects of climate change, it is a reminder that our survival depends on our natural world which we often take for granted. The laws of nature are the same as that of our world, and to live in harmony with the natural world is what gives sense to our humanity - it is essential to our survival.