The Muse at Flux Exhibition
National Army Museum
London, England
14-17 March 2019

The Muse of Transformation

The Muse of Transformation brings to light the many layers that human nature embodies and the meaning of being in this world.  While uncovering the many facets of existence and the human experience, I strive to return to the source to uncover the multi-layered meanings of life.  Through image fusion and colours, the muse is transformed to capture the constant changes of my own existence.


Through my own transformation, as a result of connecting with other cultures, belonging to our common humanity yet being different at the same time, I transform my images to reflect my own vision of the world.  From the natural world to the family of man, I use my photography as an instrument to capture life's moments in time and space within the social fabric and the natural landscape.

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© 2016 by Marlene Luce. 

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