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A London Tale of Art & Friends at Flux Exhibition Preview

The Flux Exhibition Preview evening was buzzing with people and the vibe was all about art and the friends who were there in support of the artists and in appreciation of the art world. Lisa Gray was able to organize a grand artistic event with style and passion for the arts. On my part, I was delighted to have a group of friends who came from Amsterdam to the Preview, thanks to my dear friend, Viv, who unfortunately was unable to attend the Preview. I also had the pleasure of having my London Friends, Chrysa, Jon & Guy, together with Louise who is having me stay with her during my stay in London. Carlotta from Port Art Women, as well as Gabrielle du Ploy, were there in support of women & art. Last and not least, I was delighted that my friend from New York, Kathryn, delayed her return to attend the Preview.

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