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A Tale of a Journey to Menaggio

I finally arrived yesterday at my beloved Lake Como and I'll be staying in Menaggio this time as I was staying in Griante last year. Menaggio is the most wonderful place to be because of its small village kind of lifestyle where I can walk everywhere for day-to-day shopping for food or to have a coffee in the Piazza Garibaldi.

It was quite a long journey, especially coming from Montreal which is a seven-hour flight to Malpensa Airport, after which I took a one-hour train ride from the airport to Como. However, I forgot to ask for a ticket to San Giovanni train station from where I can take a bus to Menaggio. I arrived instead in Central Como by the lake and had to walk to a bus stop in the dreadful heat; fortunately, the bus driver was kind enough to let me off at the next station where I could get on the direct bus to Menaggio. When en route to Menaggio - another one-hour bus ride on a winding road by the lake - I realized how much I missed Lake Como. It felt as if I were seeing an old friend again or even a lover. It's as if I were given a new pulse on life, I felt being reborn in a world that truly resonates with my appreciation of life and the natural world. The lake with its broccoli mountains as I called them because they are so green. Once again, I feel the magic of this place because of its natural beauty.

I am so grateful to my friend, Bruno, Galleria Tettamanti, who has been mounting my artwork since 2018, for introducing me to Sylvia and Gianluca. When I was looking for a place to stay last year as I was invited by Alessandro & Elisa (Tablinum Cultural Management) to showcase my artwork in the gallery situated in the Piazza Garibaldi, after seeing the apartment, I was able to rent Sylvia & Gianluca's beautiful apartment near the Piazza. An apartment with a view of the lake is sublime!

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