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A Tale of Ristorante Il Vapore in Menaggio

Since my arrival last week, I found a restaurant just downstairs from where I'm staying in the Piazza Tommaso Grossi. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of its pasta for I am a pasta fan and really appreciate it when it's done well. I then became curious about its name, Il Vapore, which means The Steam. I asked the owner of the restaurant, who was the only one serving and in a very courteous manner regardless of the filled terrasse. Her name is ''Pinuccia'', a name given to her by her mother for her real name is Josephine. Pinuccia explained to me that the name of the restaurant makes reference to the people who arrived here in Menaggio by steamboat.

She is now a widow, her husband of 25 years passed away, and I could still sense the loving tenderness towards him. Nevertheless, Pinuccia is now operating the restaurant with her chef, Simon, whose cuisine is remarkable. Hence the reason why Il Vapore is now my ''cantine'' whenever I'm in need of good pasta. Restaurant Guru writes: ''If you want to remember Menaggio, go to this restaurant first.'' How fortunate I am to live in that same Piazza, I am grateful. This is simply La Dolce Vita in my own way!

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