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A Tale of the Natural World

From the concrete jungle of New York, I am back to the natural landscape where I live and where I nurture my empathic rapport with the natural world, and creative aspirations for my art. As much as I love the cityscape and urban nature, when I return to my natural sanctuary there is that sense of awe-inspiring feelings of humility and an uplifting sensation of divine beauty. When I capture this natural beauty, I strive to sensitize viewers to its beauty and to experience that sense of awe which dissolves the ego mind to empathy and well-being. ''Empathy is what connects us all living beings.'' Wallace J. Nichols (Blue Mind)

As I am preparing for World Art Dubai, I hope to bring the Italian sense of beauty of the natural world to Dubai known for its futuristic and ultramodern architecture; namely my artwork from Lake Como curated by Tablinum Cultural Management in Bellagio.

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