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Day 6 - A World of Dreams

What is so intriguing about my artwork because viewers tend to make reference to my art as mixed media. In my view, this is more than a mixed media technique that I have created that I called ‘’Pintography’’. There is a very long process attached to this technique which was initially done manually in the lab where I tinted my black & white images or gelatin silver prints.

I started this process in 2004 for my first major international exhibition in Cairo. My original tinted prints were scanned and transferred on large canvases, and finally painted over in oil paint.

Thereafter, I moved to New York to work at the United Nations, due to personal circumstances, while pursuing my artistic activities. I reluctantly resorted to digital photography and with a special Lightroom program, I was able to create and fuse as well as tint my images.

This is a very long creative process that is like human nature because we all have many layers of life experiences and at a larger scale, our world is the product of many layers of civilizations.

Pintography allows me even more freedom in my creative process. As impressionists realized that there was more to painting than painting reality, I bring a world of dreams beyond photography.

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