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World Art Dubai - The Opening

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

From the natural world to a mega futuristic city such as Dubai, it makes me realize how much I need to hear the birds singing, to see flower beds and huge trees reaching the sky. Although I have lived in New York, it didn't affect me so much because it's filled with trees and parks and where I can walk everywhere. Here in Dubai, it's either a taxi or a train if you know your way around, not to mention the extreme heat.

Nevertheless, I'm here in Dubai for World Art Dubai where a great many artists come from all over the world. It's really a United Nations of artists hence the reason why I feel so at home here at the World Art Dubai. As a member of the Tablinum Cultural Management, I am also part of an international group of artists from South Africa, Egypt, Italy, France and Mexico. There are many artists who are desperate to sell their art in the hope of entering the world of fame and of course, it's a common dream we all have as artists; namely, to be recognized and that our artwork is validated in the art world of collectors.

Many of us, artists including me, enjoy the creative process and the experience of sharing our art and meeting with people from all over the world while participating in such international exhibitions. I was very touched to see an artist from Ukraine showcasing her artwork next to our stand. I couldn't help but empathize with her and what her country is going through and the suffering of its people.

Finally, whether here or in that beautiful natural world setting of Lake Como I love so much and where I'm returning for a solo exhibition in August, it's about people and as the message from the Ukrainian artist wrote in one of her pieces, ''Human needs human'', and this is what brings meaning to my life travelling internationally to show the beauty of our world and its people.

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