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Paraiso International Exhibition, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milan, July 2021
Testimonial by Freelance Art Curator,
Francesca Brunello

''The entire artistic repertoire by Marlene Luce Tremblay, a contemporary Canadian artist, is characterized by a superimposition of images, with nature as a fundamental focus for her research. In ''Libertà di essere sul Lago di Como'',  delicate silhouettes describe in transparency the details of the leaves, which appear as embroideries suspended in the air of the lake landscape.  The lake is a symbol of birth and due to its concave shape, is reminiscent of the mother's womb, a place to retreat to regain strength and emerge healed.  The lush nature of Marlene Luce Tremblay's art takes us back to the past, to a labyrinth of ancestral memories, where nature and man were one in the other.'' 

Francesca Brunello, Freelance Art Curator
Working with @m.a.d.s.artgallery

Milan, Italy
Rolling Stone Black Camera Journalist

Marlene Luce Tremblay - Libertà di essere sul Lago di Como_edited_edited.jpg

“The entire artistic reputation A true 'Lost Paradise' in which art dialogues with the luxuriant vegetation, typical of the botanical gardens that peek out from the magnificent villas. The undisputed protagonist of the shots of Love in Lake Como is Villa Carlotta, with its inestimable heritage of Art and Nature and its suggestions.

Elisa Larese, Tablinum Cultural Management,  Bellagio, Italy


Your artwork brings me joy!  In the choice of your themes, almost invariably of love and beauty, I’ve come to realize that your artwork is a reaffirmation of Life itself, so necessary in these trying times.

— Louise Laheurte, United Nations &

Life-long Art Lover and Collector


“Your art is what endures: in my case, speaks to me the most, most deeply. Your art speaks of human yearnings and insights more powerful than many a speech or words.”

Carmen-Maria Rodriguez, Journalist at the United Nations


“You are simply and truly a superb artist! From smiles and eyes peeled open wanting to catch great detail, to a tear running down my face touched by aspects of your work that remind me of the honesty we feel from pure love.

— Afaf Konja, Public Speaker

It's about Love.jpg

Superbe! Et comme je te l’ai souvent dit, il y a dans ton art le raffinement et la délicatesse des paysagistes du 18e siècle, tel que Fragonard.

— Jean-François Leclerc, Consultant en muséologie et en histoire.

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