The Elements Series


 For as long as human beings have existed, they have derived both subsistence and inspiration from the natural world.  The Ancients used to think about the world around them as comprising four elements, from which everything else was created: earth, wind, water and fire.  Nowadays, we know that this early cosmogonic vision is no longer correct.  Yet, the four primeval elements retain for me their power to inspire: they represent a direct, intuitive, sensory relationship to the natural world which is in danger of being lost in contemporary western societies.  


Now we have developed the ability to alter the natural world and to intervene in the very structure of matter, ''nature'' seems more fragile and precious than ever.  Arguably, we have never been so concerned with preserving the environment as since we have come to realise how easily we can destroy it.






© 2016 by Marlene Luce. 

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