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"The lush nature of Marlene Luce Tremblay's art takes us back to the past, to a labyrinth of ancestral memories, where nature and man were one in the other." 
Francesca Brunello, Art Curator
@m.a.d.s.artgallery, Milan, Italy
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Love in Manhattan by Marlene Luce.jpeg

My Two Favorite Places, New York and Italy, Touched by the Coronavirus Pandemic La Voce di New York “The true wealth of New York can be found in its people, the city dwellers, who bring a sense of community. This is also a place where different strata of society live side by side. New York can be described as a concrete jungle, however, the human element is what makes it a great city.”


"Love in Lake Como: Humanity and the Natural World Living in Harmony" La Voce di New York Marlene Luce Tremblay's lyrical “pintographs” come to life from June 26th to July 10th, 2019 at the Museum and Botanical Garden of Villa Carlotta


The Italian Cultural Heritage never seen before at Villa Carlotta in Lake Como where art and nature are featured La Voce di New York Marlene Luce Tremblay at Villa Carlotta showcasing her new series “Aenigma’’

Women of NY at the UN.jpeg

International Women's Day: A unique art exhibit with a powerful message opens at the UN
La Voce di New York

Women of New York, Women of the World 

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