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About The Artist

Marlene Luce

Marlene Luce brings to light the beauty of the natural world and the history of great civilizations while travelling. She created an artistic technique referred to as Pintography to produce new, unique works of art that consist of fused images transferred on canvas that is painted over in oil paint, highlighting the painterly aspect of her imagery. 

As impressionists realized that there was more to painting than that close to reality, Marlene Luce created a world of dreams beyond photography whereby a fusion of images together with that of colour created a world of fantasy and dreams where our humanity lives in harmony with the natural world.


This process combines the timelessness and classicism of photography with a modern medium, to create images that challenge the current boundaries between the artistic categories of photography and painting.  



Design, life and the love of nature must enrich the human spirit. Connecting to nature, to each other, and to the places we inhabit raises human consciousness.

Artist Statement
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Artist Statement

To Love Art is to Love Nature

In my way, I am a rebel when I cross the boundaries between photography and painting, breaking all the rules of standard photography, especially when I fuse images and add oil paint to my images that are printed on canvas. I create a world of dreams beyond photography whereby a fusion of images together with that of colour brings a world of fantasy where our humanity lives in harmony with that of the natural world. The natural world brings a sense of the sublime, the sense of being part of something much larger, the sense of awe which brings into question the meaning of life. We are part of the symphony of the cosmos, we are part of this diversity and the oneness, we are part of the music of the spheres. When I was young, I was touched by the beauty of the natural world spending time in the field near my house where I grew up. Nature was my refuge, my sanctuary and my inspiration to create art. The natural world brings that impression of timelessness as does the art from the great masters, that same sense of timelessness of beauty and harmony. ​ I am a dreamer and I dream of cities where city dwellers mingle in harmony with the natural world. I see skyscrapers intertwined with vines and rooftop gardens. There is a strong parallel between the natural world and that of our humanity. With the rise of technology, we have disconnected ourselves from the natural world yet connecting to nature, the people, and the places we inhabit cultivate a socially sustainable environment. The natural world shapes our human sense of beauty & harmony and to live in harmony with the natural world is what gives sense to our humanity.

Our Most Popular Art Mural



  • Dawson Institute of Photography, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • McGill University, Bachelor of Arts Degree (Political Science),Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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