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A New York Tale - Part 2

When I stroll around in StuyTown, I am reminded that, as much as I love the city, being in such a beautiful natural setting in the middle of Manhattan is refreshing, A city where city dwellers share with not only people but also with other living things in the midst of this amazing diversity of life forms, a more ethical connection with the natural world.

With the nostalgia of times past, I sometimes fall into the rabbit hole of the ego that brings negative thoughts, worries about the future of our world and about my life as to what I should have done or should do to make life better. However, as soon as I walk into nature, I regain consciousness of the divine beauty that we so often take for granted and it lifts my spirit as I feel connected and part of something much greater. It's the source of my inspiration to create which brings meaning to my life.

For centuries, designers, architects, and fashion designers have drawn inspiration from nature's beauty and diversity. The natural world is also a reflection of how we interact with and relate to nature for it opens one's heart to beauty, peace, harmony and love. When I am overwhelmed with that sense of being, I create a symphony of images.

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