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A New York Tale - Part 3

In my humble view, the beauty of New York is about its people coming from all over the world to experience this freedom of being. New York is a hub of innovation and its diversity is what enriches the fabric of its society. There are no dress codes here, anything goes and whether one is rich or not, it doesn't matter because we rub elbows with people from all walks of life in this incredible city.

When I moved back to New York in 2009, after my 17-year marriage broke down, having left my job in 1992 to be married. I went back to work at the United Nations while pursuing my creative passion of fine art photography. I started a new life at 54 years old, going back to work while undergoing a very difficult and painful divorce. Nevertheless, I was very blessed to be back in the city where I could start a new life and, most importantly, meet new people and build a family of friends I have nurtured to this day. From an affluent married life to a very tight budget lifestyle was not easy emotionally and, most probably, the cause of my cancer for which I was diagnosed in 2009. However, I was able to overcome this difficult period of my life, thanks to my friends who were always there for me and my art. Hence, I am back in New York to work at the United Nations , which in many ways saved my life, and to spend time with my friends in New York.

Nonetheless, all the while I lived in New York, I resumed my artistic initiatives because art is what brings meaning to my life. I was able to participate in shows both in New York and across the Atlantic, starting with Tunisia, France, Germany, Italy and last but not least, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York showcasing my series: ''Women of New York, Women of the World'', and ''Men of New York'' at Cealum Gallery in Chelsea. Both series were created to celebrate not only diversity in New York but also friendship. Through interviews conducted by a freelance journalist, Vincenza di Maggio, and through my camera lens, the series captured the essence of what it means to live in such a city. After having overcome a great many hurdles, they are all thriving in their respective fields. Their personal stories were truly inspirational. The portraits were fused with images to illustrate the many layers that human beings have which make up their differences while sharing their commonality. Our common humanity is what makes our world a wonderful place.

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