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A Tale of Friendship & Art Murals

When my dear friend, Chris Kohler, offered to be my first New York Representative for the Art Murals project, I was delighted to have his support with this new creative initiative. This was the beginning of a partnership that began in New York and was extended to Amsterdam, London, Italy and California.

I met Chris soon after I moved back to New York in 2009 and, thanks to Chris, my family of friends became my source of inspiration and gave me strength as I was going through a painful divorce. My friends became my most important support while I was pursuing my creative activities as I was showcasing my artwork in New York during my full-time work as a staff member of the United Nations.

Chris is a successful Licensed Real Estate Agent with a wide range of experience in New York City and Brooklyn. Chris is a gifted and accomplished individual skilled in many areas and his sense of style is exquisite. He has a very personal and special approach to his clients as he works with the sensitivity of an artist and, in fact, he is also a jewelry designer. The first art mural installation took place last year in Long Island, New York, and the owner of the apartment was absolutely thrilled with the Field of Dreams Art Mural for it created a very peaceful and calm environment to come home to after a stressful day.

The Field of Dreams Art Mural is a fusion of images of times past with that of the countryside in Canada to bring a sense of freedom with an endless sense of space. The Art Murals collection is designed with a reverence for the natural world to bring beauty, style and comfort. This collection is custom printed on non-woven mat stucco effect wallpaper suitable for residential and commercial projects. Made with love in Montreal, Canada

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