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A Tale of Love & the Myths of Nature

There is a strong parallel between the natural world and that of our humanity following the natural cycles of life & death, the seasons and rites of passage to mark transitional periods in a person's life. The rites of passage are ceremonial events existing in all historically known societies, marking the passage from one social or religious status to another.

Like all ancient civilizations, stories from Greek Mythology were created to explain the many natural phenomena, connecting human nature and the rites of passage to the natural world with a sense of being part of something much larger than the self.

Indigenous cultures around the world all have traditional ecological knowledge, what indigenous scholars call the science of our relationship to the natural world. In modern societies, we undervalue our need for nature yet our reliance on nature remains central to our survival while providing such beauty.

Join me in Lake Como to feel the love & the beauty of the natural world enshrined in Greek Mythology through my art, showcased from 8 until 20 August and curated by Tablinum Cultural Management. ''Love Naturalia in Lake Como'' - an ode to the natural world - takes place in the Piazza Garibaldi, in the main square of Menaggio, situated in the heart of Lake Como and the lovely lakeside promenade offers magnificent views of the lake.

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