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A Tale of Menaggio in Lake Como

The first time I went to Menaggio in 2018, I was mesmerized by the beauty of this beautiful village by the lake. The day after my arrival, I went to see Bruno at the gallery (Galleria Tettamanti) for the mounting of my artwork for the show at Villa Carlotta. Bruno and his sister, Lorella, own and run the Galleria with that special mindset of artisans whose work is a labour of love. I could feel their energy, that of people who are passionate about life and the arts. As is the case this year from my upcoming solo exhibition which is curated by Tablinum Cultural Management. I met Alessandro and Elisa at the Florence Biennale in 2017 when they approached me to work with their organization. Tablinum Cultural Management operates on a more personal and humanistic approach in the realm of the arts and culture. Alessandro is the Executive Managing Director and Elisa is the Curator with an in-depth knowledge of the arts.

Travelling to Menaggio was quite an adventure the first time I arrived there in 2018. After a seven-hour flight from Montreal to Malpensa in Milan, I had to take a train ride from Milan to Como and, thereafter, a very scary bus ride on a narrow road along Lake Como. When I got to Menaggio, there was one taxi but no driver. In a restaurant near the taxi station, I could hear people cheering and shouting for it was the World Cup playing on television. I went inside and asked the manager if he knew where the taxi driver was, so he shouted, hey Mario, you have a client! I learned thereafter that there were two taxi drivers in Menaggio, Mario and Marcello. How sweet it is to be in Italy! Moreover, I had the chance to be staying in an apartment on Via Regina (Antica Strada Regina) the old Roman road - a trade route - which ran from Cremona to Milan with a magnificent view of the Lake.

Join me in Menaggio to feel the love and to see the beauty of the natural world enshrined in Greek Mythology through my art which will be showcased in the Exhibition Space of Menaggio, Piazza Garibaldi #3 from 8 until 20 August. The exhibition is entitled 'Love Naturalia in Lake Como' and is an ode to the natural world. Menaggio is situated in the heart of Lake Como where the lovely lakeside promenade offers magnificent views of the lake.

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