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A Tale of Resilience & Art

The human experience is made of hurdles and contrasts from pain to sheer joy, the cycles of life and death, when past, present and future collide in a timeless alchemy of many dimensions. When faced with challenges, I was able to overcome the pain while creating art. The day I was told that I had cancer while undergoing a painful divorce, I was faced with the grim reality that my time in this world was limited. However, when my creativity was activated, I felt that sense of timelessness which helped me to overcome difficult situations and to process emotions as opposed to suppressing the emotional effects. Creating art gave me a sense of self-esteem, self-worth and a sense of purpose.

As Julia Cameron writes: ''As artists, we must be resilient. Delicate as we are, we must also be stalwart. We must take our cue from the natural world and vow to be like the perennial flowers stubbornly reappearing season after season.''

The natural world is the source of my inspiration for my images which I fuse with urban landscapes while traveling to London and New York, or images from the past which I use as a backdrop to create painterly imagery. Being a rebel with a cause, I challenge the current boundaries between the artistic categories of photography and painting. This is not mixed media, it's rather my own technique that I developed as a result of my 34 years of experience with photography. This process is referred to as ''Pintography''whereby the digitally fused images are printed on canvas and painted over with oil paint.

Once again, I am called upon to showcase my artwork from 8 until 20 August 2023 in my favourite place in Italy, Lake Como, where I feel intense joy being in such a magnificent natural setting. As in previous exhibitions for the past five years, Tablinum Cultural Management will curate this special exhibition of my body of work, an exhibition entitled: ''Love Naturalia in Lake Como'' to take place in the gallery situated in the Piazza Garibaldi, in the main square of Menaggio, an ideal place to taste the local cuisine and to relax at one of its cafés. Menaggio is situated in the heart of Lake Como and the lovely lakeside promenade offers magnificent views of the lake.

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