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A Tale of the Elements in Menaggio

While I am enjoying the view from my window, yesterday I was able to witness the fury of mother nature. I was warned by Louise, my dear friend in Como, about the sudden change in weather turning into violent storms. This is a humbling reminder of our helplessness against the forces of nature and a constant reminder that we undervalue our need for nature.

In my humble view as an artist, art does not divorce from nature for it is rather a deeply powerful awe-inspiring experience that can change our perspective of the world. Art allows us to love in the highest part of being - feelings of joining with others in an appreciation of what is meaningful and life-giving.

I feel truly grateful to have a good circle of friends who appreciate art and have a deep sense of friendship. My friend, Marina Catalona, hosted an excellent Italian-style dinner with our friends, Elisa & Alessandro and their children, as well Inge & Gerhard, for my arrival in Lake Como. Life with art and friendship is most important to me for I know that we don't find anyone in this life by chance, every friend is a gift.

The official opening of my solo exhibition takes place on Tuesday, the 8th of August. Join me to feel the vibe of what makes life meaningful, to feel the love & the beauty of the natural world through my art, showcased from 8 until 20 August and curated by Tablinum Cultural Management. ''Love Naturalia in Lake Como'' - an ode to the natural world - takes place in the Piazza Garibaldi #3, in the main square of Menaggio, situated in the heart of Lake Como and the lovely lakeside promenade offers magnificent views of the lake.

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