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Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Flux Exhibition

The first time I showcased my artwork with Flux Exhibition was in 2019 as a result of my meeting an artist from Montreal, Josée St-Amant, at the Florence Biennale in 2017. Josée had previously exhibited at the Flux Exhibition and her experience was anything but great. To be part of the Flux family is quite a privilege because Lisa Gray, the founder of Flux Exhibition, is a very dynamic young woman who is dedicated to bringing forth contemporary artists. Lisa together with her life partner, Phil Richins, created a platform for contemporary artists to be discovered and to be part of an exceptional, inspirational art event. Both Lisa & Phil make a difference in the lives of artists and the art world with their dedication while striving to bring art collectors to the table, offering a chance for recognition of the labour of love and creativity of artists.

In December of this year, the Flux Exhibition will celebrate its 10th Anniversary and will take place at 178 St James, Piccadilly in London from the 7th until the 10th of December. The official opening of this exciting event is on the 7th of December. I am very excited to be part of this celebration and will showcase my artwork with some 70 talented artists. As part of the Flux family, I was able to meet not only talented artists but also very inspiring people who have become friends. I'm also looking forward to seeing my friends in London who have been a great support on this artistic journey for ''Art leads us to love in the highest part of the soul - feelings of joining with others in an appreciation of what is meaningful and life-giving''.

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