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Day 2 – A sense of Magic in Lake Como

I have been attracted to Italy for a long time, but somehow, it keeps calling me back, especially, Lake Como. There is a sense of mystery and magic that happens to my being here, feeding my inspiration to create beauty in harmony with the natural world. Being in Lake Como makes me aware and conscious of the elements. The Lake and those mountains that look like huge broccoli take me to a dream world of fantasy. Even the clouds seem to write messages in the sky, seeking our attention to be more aware of our natural environment.

Following the road along the Lake, I was urged to return to a place I called home when I was here in 2019. The restaurant, Belle Isole, is a family-run business of three. The father, Andrea, the son, Vittorio, who is serving the guests, and last but not the least, Ricardo, who is the Chef in the kitchen. Needless to say, I was so happy that they were able to remain open regardless of the pandemic. This is a place where I have many great memories of having dinner with friends coming to see me and my exhibition at Villa Carlotta. My dear friends, Afaf from San Diego, Chrysa, from London, as well as Sheila from Trieste, a former United Nations colleague.

Building memories is what life is about, especially meeting and mingling with people we encounter on this journey. Yesterday, I felt more magic in the air when I was invited to join a table next to mine. They were visiting and we exchanged our experiences with delightful conversations. They were from South Carolina, a mother & daughter with their husbands. The daughter, Laura, came to see where her ancestors came from and interestingly enough, she truly looked Italian. This is what happens when one opens up to the world, magic and a sense of being part of something very meaningful that we call LIFE!

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