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Day 23 – Bodrum Palmiye Resort

I have not been to a Club Med such as the one in Bodrum and I don’t have any memory of where or the last time I was at Club Med, an all-inclusive vacation described as a "village". The relaxed and stylish ambiance was founded by Gérard Blitz in 1950. From what I heard so far while being here, Club Med is constantly improving and innovating in its original concept.

The Bodrum Palmiye Resort is located on a protected peninsula with a magnificent view of the Blue Sea (the Aegean Sea) and its crystal-clear water. The lushness of the site is remarkable with its umbrella pines, and its pink bougainvillea vines decorating the white villas. What makes this resort so special is not only its natural setting but also its humanity. The team of the whole village is focused on bringing a personalized approach contributing to its vibe, there is a soul here that one can feel as soon as entering the village. What I mean is that we are not treated as a number, but as people and even more so, as special.

When we arrived late at night a few days ago from Istanbul, we were greeted by the beautiful hostess, Oceana, with a glass of Prosecco before going to dinner in white by the pool to celebrate Bastille Day. Soraya has been coming to Bodrum for the past 15 years and as soon as we arrived, she became relaxed and very content to be back in her home away from home. Needless to say, everybody knows her for she is now a regular, like a great many of its clientele. It seems once they have been here, they return every year. That says a lot about the quality of this resort which is run to perfection. From the food to the activities that are organized in different locations of the resort, sometimes they change location three times in one day. I was very impressed as to how well orchestrated they are.

Coming to Bodrum Palmiye Resort is my birthday gift from my generous friend, Soraya, to whom I am most grateful. I am also very grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting this incredible team here at the resort. Among this fabulous team, there are especially Sow, Room Division Manager; Umit, Responsible for Restaurant; Étienne in charge of sports activities; Noyan, in charge of Food & Beverages; Oulimata, in charge of boutique; Kivanc, Responsible for Reception; Patrizio who will be going to my part of the world in Charlevoix; and last but not least, Mustapha, Gouvernant General.

Since 2012, the resort is Green Globe certified and has consistently earned its Green Globe certification, guaranteeing responsible operations across components such as waste management, energy & water consumption, responsible purchases, pollution limitation, and biodiversity preservation.​ Bravo Bodrum Palmiye Resort and its amazing GE Team!

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