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Day 3 – Art & the Natural World

My being in Lake Como for the third time is a blessing and to showcase at Villa Carlotta is truly an honour because the whole purpose of my art is to show the beauty and harmony of the natural world. Villa Carlotta is a magnificent botanical garden with a museum and, in the midst of a pandemic and the war in Ukraine, the natural world is our sanctuary and a place where we can reconnect with our sense of humanity. The beauty and harmony of the natural world are divine and this is where we can call upon our own divinity to make this world a better place.

This journey to Villa Carlotta started in 2017 when I participated in the Florence Biennale, where I was awarded the 5th prize for photography, and destiny took its course when I met with Elisa & Alessandro of Tablinum Cultural Management. After a short conversation, they proposed to represent my art in their international exhibitions. When I left and returned to Canada, I started to create a series which could be the subject of an exhibition, unknowingly of what that Villa Carlotta was about. When they replied back to me, they suggested the Torretta Romantica at Villa Carlotta. They saw the opportunity in my art of fusion with images of the natural world. It was an excellent proposition and, for the third time, I will be showcasing my work featuring the natural world and Greek Mythology. Like all ancient civilizations, stories from Greek Mythology were created to explain the many natural phenomena and bring meaning to the mystery of our world. Greek Mythology brings to light the natural world while stimulating a cultural awareness of the environment.

Today I signed the twelve pieces, after being mounted by my dear friend, Bruno of Galleria Tettamanti. It was an exciting moment for me, it feels like falling in love when I create and when I see it mounted and ready to be showcased. It’s all about love!

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