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Day 4 - Art & Friends

As an artist, I have been showcasing for the last 22 years and the first international exhibition I had was in Egypt in 2004 and thereafter in Paris, London, Tunisia, Algeria, and now in my beloved Lake Como, Italy. I have had the most enriching experiences because I have met people from all over the world as a result who have become my family of friends. Of course, my working at the United Nations for ten years has also contributed to my circle of friends from all over the world. My eldest sister, Astrid, gave me a surname, Marlene UN! I was very flattered because I truly am a citizen of the world.

Being an artist can sometimes feel lonely, however, when you have that support from those you love, it lightens up life and contributes to an even richer and deeper art-making with a sense of purpose. Friendship is most important to me and part of the artistic journey. I have met throughout these years wonderful people who have enriched my life a great deal. I am very grateful that some of my friends are travelling to Lake Como for the opening of my exhibition. That’s fuel for even more great moments in time that I cherish in my life. La vita è Bella!

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