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Day 5 - A Zest for Life

The opening of the exhibition was magical, especially with my friends who came from Amsterdam, London, Germany, and New York. I was thrilled that they made the journey to Lake Como and they brought me luck because a piece of the series Arthemision, the Myths of Nature was sold on opening day. It's such a great sensation that collectors truly appreciate my work.

Being here in my beloved Lake Como, I feel totally at home and indeed, it is home to me. When I walk on the main road along the lake, I often get that call ''Ciao Marlene'' and how wonderful to be in a place where they know your name. Yesterday, I had the most wonderful surprise when I came across a friend I had not seen for three years. Melania is a young woman teaching in Zurich but she grew up here in Griante. Like many of my friends, Melania is worldly and on the path to a richer and deeper life experience, the reason why we connected the minute we met. A zest for life draws others to you as we embrace them with an open and warm heart.

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