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In the Mood for Love

There is a saying that Love is total freedom and awareness of every moment. This is how I feel when I'm in Lake Como as I am totally in awe of its natural beauty, the source of my inspiration to create, for Love is our true nature when in synchronicity with the natural world.

This is an invitation to join me ''in the mood for love'' in appreciation of what it means to live in peace and harmony which our troubled world needs now.

Life is a journey, and, in my humble view, it’s not only about acquiring material things; most importantly, it’s about being and sharing. We are all travelling towards the same destination, and we cannot bring all those material things with us, only the love we carry in our hearts. It’s about how we care for one another, how we treat other people, and how we treat our environment. This is why the natural world so inspires me, not only for its beauty but also for its harmony. When I connect with nature, I can hear the wind whispering to me, I can smell the flowers, I can feel the trees connecting with one another, and I can see the mysterious lake, which urges me to capture its beauty.” - Excerpts from my interview with Nancy Perin (Making Constructive Cultural Connections)

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