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London, it's about FLUX

As we are about to celebrate the Holidays, the Founder of FLUX, Lisa Gray, is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Flux Exhibition and what better way to celebrate than holding a land mile exhibition showcasing the art of 70 selected talented artists in the vibrant and busy Picadilly area of London – opposite the Royal Academy next to Fortnum & Mason? I am honoured to have been selected and to showcase my artwork during this grand celebration.

It is argued that buying art is an emotional experience and therefore, it is important for art buyers to connect with the artist whose art was created with not only hard work but also with love and passion. As an artist, the reason why I create art is to touch the hearts of people. It's my inner compass and desire to share my vision of what it means to be part of this magnificent world of ours with my art. This wonderful world of ours is also about friendship and I feel totally blessed and grateful to have the support of my friends from New York and California (Afaf & Fabio) to join me on this amazing London Flux exhibition extravaganza.

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