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Love Naturalia in Lake Como

Join me in Lake Como to feel the love and to see the beauty of the natural world enshrined in Greek Mythology through my art which will be showcased in the Exhibition Space of Menaggio, Piazza Garibaldi #3 from 8 until 20 August. The exhibition is entitled 'Love Naturalia in Lake Como' and is an ode to the natural world. Menaggio is situated in the heart of Lake Como where the lovely lakeside promenade offers magnificent views of the lake.

The sublime of the natural world is the source of my inspiration and wherever I travel, I use the images of the natural world to fuse with other images which is the case in Lake Como where the elements are at play. There are studies suggesting that images of nature activate dopamine networks in the brain bringing a sense of wonder. My intention to create is to bring a sense of wonder through my images with the process of my technique to highlight the painterly aspect of my imagery. This process is referred to as ''Pintography'' whereby the digitally fused images are printed on canvas and painted over with oil paint. Being a rebel with a cause, I challenge the current boundaries between the artistic categories of photography and painting. This is not mixed media, it's rather my own technique that I developed as a result of my 34 years of experience with photography.

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