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Time to Celebrate Art & the Natural World in Menaggio

''The world without your art would be an empty and boring place''- Francesca Brunello, Freelance Art Curator, Milano (M.A.D.S. Art Gallery)

Art leads us to love at the deepest level of our being in appreciation of what is meaningful and life-giving - art allows us to transcend. As such, the wonders of life are felt in the beauty of the natural world and the central task of culture is a reminder that its laws' irresistible structure applies to us as well. There is magic in the elements of nature which Greek Mythology illustrates. Like all ancient civilizations, stories from Greek Mythology were created to explain the many natural phenomena that bring meaning to the mystery of our world with a sense of wonder and magic.

Join me in Lake Como to feel the love, the beauty and the magic of the natural world through my art enshrined in Greek Mythology, showcased from 8 until 20 August and curated by Tablinum Cultural Management. ''Love Naturalia in Lake Como'' - an ode to the natural world - takes place in the Piazza Garibaldi #4, in the main square of Menaggio, situated in the heart of Lake Como and the lovely lakeside promenade offers magnificent views of the lake.

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