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A Tale of Art Murals in Lake Como

As I am about to leave my beloved Lake Como, I am very happy to report that my solo exhibition in Menaggio was a great success. There were sales and, most importantly, I enjoyed time with my friends who joined me from California, New York and Trieste. During my month's stay in Menaggio, I met very special people who have become my friends from Italy. In addition, my curators, Alessandro & Elisa (Tablinum Cultural Management) have also become my friends while successfully curating my art for the past five years.

Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to introduce my Art Mural Representative for Italy and Switzerland, Alessandro Cerioli, who has wide experience in the art world. Alessandro is a Classicist archaeologist who specialized in the Roman republican period. After years dedicated to excavation campaigns in Italy and in the Mediterranean basin, he began a career in the field of evaluation and insurance of works of art at a prestigious studio in Milan and, thereafter, he became the artistic director for the Maison d 'Art in Lake Como at just 28 years old. In 2013, Alessandro and Elisa founded Tablinum Cultural Management of which he is the Project Manager.

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