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A Tale of Friendship and Art in Lake Como

As an artist, the journey can be lonely and, at times, it is easy to lose hope when we experience some disappointments. Nevertheless, we enjoy the process of creating art and, especially, when it is appreciated by the viewers and art collectors. When we commit ourselves to the process of art, we experience the joy of creation and sharing it with our friends while having their support brings more meaning to our lives.

Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to introduce my dear friend, Afaf Konja, whose unconditional support for my art throughout the years is a precious gift in my life. Afaf has kindly accepted to be my Art Mural Representative for California. She flew all the way from San Diego to be with me in Menaggio for my solo exhibition, Love Naturalia in Lake Como. Together with my other friends who support my artistic journey, she joins a team from New York, Amsterdam, London, and Italy.

I am pleased to introduce my New Art Murals Collection which brings a world of dreams & colours from the natural world designed for beauty and comfort. This unique collection is now available and custom printed on non-woven mat stucco effect wallpaper suitable for residential and commercial projects. Made with Love in Montreal, Canada!

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