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A London Tale of Art & Friendship

Updated: May 18, 2023

While in London for the Flux Exhibition 2023, I am pleased to announce that my dear friend, Chrysa, has kindly offered to join my Art Mural Team from New York, the Benelux, France & Germany, and soon from Lake Como, Italy. Chrysa Koropouli, who is of Greek origin was born and raised in Toronto, now lives in London and often travels to Greece to see her family, hence she will be my Art Mural Representative for London and Greece.

I met Chrysa in 2019 while in London for the Flux Exhibition taking place at the Army Museum near Sloane Square where I stopped at The Botanist for a glass of wine. Chrysa was sitting next to my table and, with both our friendly dispositions, we started talking casually when her friend left. Interestingly enough, we discovered that we were both Canadians and that we had quite a lot in common. We kept in touch and, thereafter in July of that same year, Chrysa joined me in Lake Como from London on her way to Greece as I was showcasing my art at Villa Carlotta.

Our friendship grew even deeper and closer when we worked on an artistic project for the 2023 European Capital of Culture, Elefsina (Greece) during the pandemic. The artistic project about the school of rituals and mysteries of the afterlife never came to fruition as we were not selected. Nevertheless and, most importantly, our friendship endures. Chrysa wholeheartedly believes in the message that my art carries for ''to love art is to love nature'' and the need to reconnect with the natural world. Besides her passion for the beauty of the natural world, Chrysa is a Life Coach and an Emotional Intelligence Consultant.

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