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A Tale of Love Naturalia in Menaggio

While my solo exhibition ended on Monday, the 21st of August, there were many precious moments that took place and art lovers who came made some very touching comments in appreciation of my artwork showcased in Menaggio.

My friend, Louise, who came from Como City was kind enough to bring her friend, who is originally from Paris, and, as in Louise's life journey, she fell in love with an Italian and moved to Lake Como. Yolande Guillet who is also a painter and a poet was fascinated with the Greek Mythology series. She was especially fascinated with the colours of the whole series referred to as, une nature voilée et nocturne... (a veiled nature with a romantic version of the nocturne), and the superimposition of images. She was very inquisitive about the technique I created, Pintography, and in appreciation of the Art Mural samples. Yolande gave a very romantic description of the ''New Beginning'' art mural; namely, its colour referred to in French as, Gris Tourterelle (warm grey).

Finally, my friend, Sheila, joined me in Lake Como once again for the third consecutive year. Needless to say, I truly appreciate her enduring support as well as my friends, Afaf & Fabio, who also joined me in Lake Como for the exhibition. Sheila, Afaf, Fabio and I used to work together at the United Nations in New York. After I left for retirement, Sheila moved to Trieste in her beloved Italy where she comes from. I am truly grateful to my friends for their support in my artistic journey.

English Essayist William Hazlitt wrote: ''To be capable of steady friendship or lasting love are the two greatest proofs, not only of goodness of heart but of strength of mind''...and I would add, of creativity!

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