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A Tale of Romanticism in Lake Como

It is said that Romanticism was born while Romantics were enjoying and experiencing the outdoors in the hills of Paris to overcome the confines of civilizations. Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a Romantic Genevan philosopher, and writer, whose philosophy influenced the progress of the Age of Enlightenment throughout Europe, urged people to go outdoors and enjoy the natural processes - thunder, storms, winds, mountains, clouds, skies, life cycles of flora and fauna - where the sublime can be found. Rousseau's project of returning to nature came into being.

The sublime of the natural world is the source of my inspiration and wherever I travel, I use the images of the natural world to fuse with other images which is the case in Lake Como where the elements are at play. There are studies suggesting that images of nature activate dopamine networks in the brain bringing a sense of wonder.

My intention to create is to bring a sense of wonder through my images with the process of my technique ''Pintography'' whereby the painterly aspect of my imagery is highlighted. It is with great pleasure to return to Lake Como while my exhibition entitled ''Love Naturalia in Lake Como'' will be showcased in Menaggio during the month of August (8-20 August 2023), curated by Elisa Larese, Contemporary Art Curator and Alessandro Cerioli, the Founder of Tablinum Cultural Management,

''We have an empathic rapport with the natural world that is reborn in every child and which survives in the works of nature poets and landscape painters...'' - Wallace J. Nichols (Blue Mind)

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