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A Tale of Splendor in the Grass

I grew up in a small town in Northern Quebec where life was quite different from what it is today. As I am about to celebrate my 68th birthday, it is time for me to reflect on where I came from and who I really am as a result of following my dreams and aspirations. Most importantly, my urge to travel and to see the world, as well as my passion for photography.

While I was growing up, we had fields and wooded areas not far from our house where I would go to find refuge when there were family disputes or fighting among siblings, especially being raised in a family of eight children. Whenever I needed to get lost in that fantasy world of mine, I spent time in the field, lying in the grass watching the sky, which was most precious as I was connecting with the natural world. The other refuge was watching movies which fed my world of fantasy, igniting my passion for photography as I was fascinated with the light and shadow of black & white movies, a direct descendent of still photography.

Today I can see how these dreams and aspirations shaped my life, I am still fond of the natural world, passionate about fine art photography, I love to travel, still watch movies, and remain a dreamer to make this world a better place. As a quote from Pablo Picasso: ''Every child is born an artist. The trick is remaining one as an adult.'' To this day, I remain a child at heart to bring a world of dreams beyond photography whereby a fusion of images and colour create images enshrined in universal values of the appreciation of nature, for the transcendent aspect of the natural world is its beauty.

The exhibition, curated by Tablinum Cultural Management, taking place in Menaggio from 8-20 August entitled ''Love Naturalia in Lake Como'' is an invitation into my fantasy world inspiring a sense of awe and joy and a sense of being connected to the mystery of life.

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