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A Tale of The Path to Creativity

As a fine art photographer, my travels are part of what inspires me to create images that evoke emotions of beauty & harmony, especially when I fuse images which bring the creative process to another level. There is also the effect of the unexpected because I never know what the result will be as I'm not rigid on any particular outcome, especially when playing with the colours to the point of delightful effects. I feel like a child playing and exploring a new and foreign land, which I often experience when I travel to foreign lands or when I travel deep within the world of my intuition.

''We must learn to explore, not repress, our intuition. Intuition is key to creative unfolding.'' - Walking in this World by Julia Cameron. Cameron further writes that: ''Focused on career goals - prosperity, security, celebrity - we remove ourselves from the sensuality of the process...It becomes about perfection and other people's perception, not the joy of creation, the play of ideas...When making art becomes about making a career, it has the same deadening impact as when making love becomes about making a baby.''

Throughout my life, I have explored many ways to bring joy while creating and travelling the world showcasing my artwork in different venues. After Dubai, I'm excited that I have been selected for this year's Flux event held in the Design District, Greenwich Peninsula in London and curated by Lisa Gray, Founder of Flux Exhibition and The Flux Review. Thereafter in the month of August, I will have a solo exhibition in Lake Como curated by Tablinum Cultural Management.

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