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Apollo the most important Greek God after Zeus

Like all ancient civilizations, stories from Greek Mythology were created to explain the many natural phenomena and bring meaning to the mystery of our world. In Jungian theory, archetypes of human nature identify patterns of thoughts and behaviour of modern men and women. Apollo's qualities as a modern man can be attributed to his achievements and recognition as a young man marked for success. Uncomfortable with chaos or a discordant note in music, Apollo men thrive on order, upholders of Law and Order. In today's society, Apollo men thrive in a patriarchal culture where competition and acquiring power are reinforced at the expense of true feelings of empathy, staging the perfect set for narcissism, which is prevalent in today's world.

The series Beyond Mythology, the Myths of Nature pays tribute to the natural world through the Gods & Goddesses of Greek Mythology which contributed to an understanding of the laws of the universe, humanity and that of our world.

Greek God Apollo, son of Zeus and twin brother of Artemis

The series Beyond Mythology, the Myths of Nature will be showcased from 11 until 26 June 2022 in the most suitable venue where Art meets Nature at Villa Carlotta in Lake Como, whose cultural heritage is unique for its fusion of history, art and nature to Love Art is to Love Nature.

The exhibition is organized by Tablinum Cultural Management in Bellagio, whose innovative strategies are designed to combine traditional artistic knowledge with the complexity of the changes taking place in today’s cultural world, together with the support of the Canadian Council for the Arts, Canada’s public art funder, which contributes to the vibrancy of creative and diverse arts and literary scene - Bringing Arts to Life - through grants to Canadian artists & arts organizations.

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