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Art & Design Enrich the Human Spirit

It gives me great pleasure to introduce my new website designed to give more emphasis on the Art Mural aspect of my body of work and to introduce our Team of Representatives whose long-enduring friendship and support have paved the way to reflect the tectonic changes that are taking place throughout the world. From their field of expertise in Italy, New York, California, London & Greece, the Benelux, France & Germany, as well as Montreal where the art murals are produced, they bring a larger audience to this new initiative to enrich the human spirit of the world through Art & Design in harmony with the natural world.

''One of the most prevalent elements in design is nature-inspired spaces. The adage among many architects and interior designers is ''bring the outdoors in.'' From simple elements like houseplants or botanical designs on wallpaper to the structural choices that frame views of nature via windows, we've long attempted to infuse natural elements into our interiors.'' - Your Brain on Art - How the Arts Transform US (Susan Magsamen and Ivy Ross)

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