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Awe-inspiring Beauty of Art

As we are celebrating Earth Day, I see how the beauty of the natural world and creating art are correlated while bringing a sense of our common humanity and being part of something bigger. ''It is critical to promote harmony with nature and the Earth. “Mother Earth” is used because it reflects the interconnectedness that exists between humans, other living species, and the planet we all share.''

Interestingly, there are studies that demonstrate that time spent in nature brings a tendency to help others while creating various forms of art correlates with increased empathy. Moreover, people who are awe-inspired by nature or a piece of art tend to find a greater sense of well-being and purpose in their lives contributing to more creativity and curiosity about the meaning of life itself.

As an artist, I am very excited to be part of an exciting exhibition in London, where artists will bring that awe-inspiring sense of appreciation. I was selected among the very best emerging and established artists to participate in the Flux Exhibition 2023 held at the new Design District Greenwich Peninsula in London, and curated by Lisa Gray, the founder of FLUX. This much-anticipated edition of FLUX brings 50 artists for a 10-day event. Flux's opening party on 18 May comes alive with musical guests, performances and sites specific installations.

Blues River Bank, Fine Art Photography on canvas and painted over in oil paint

Jasmine Joy, Fine Art Photography on canvas and painted over in oil paint

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