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Beauty & Fury of Nature

Reflecting on the loss of power that we were subjected to where I now live made me realize how vulnerable we are when nature shows its fury and how hopeless we are while our lives are disrupted as a result of a major ice storm. This was my experience and I can only empathize with the many people who are surviving major natural catastrophes, not to mention times of war.

A natural disaster can cause loss of life or property damage - a test of humanity's resilience and how it responds determines what is most valued for our survival. How we care for mankind and our natural world is what our future will be for humanity to survive. In many indigenous cultures, being in harmony with nature is at the heart of their way of life and the sense of interconnectedness with nature, the earth, the divine and the cosmos. In today's world, it is removed from this sense of magic, unfortunately.

The beauty and magic of the natural world are a source of inspiration for my art. To capture its beauty wherever I travel is at the heart of my passion for life and the love of beauty and harmony.

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