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Beyond Mythology, the Myths of Nature

Like all ancient civilizations, stories from Greek Mythology were created to explain the many natural phenomena and bring meaning to the mystery of our world. Greek Mythology brings to light the natural world while stimulating a cultural awareness of the environment. When Gods and Goddesses, endowed with unearthly powers yet human in appearance and characteristics, personify the elements, there is a sense of magic and wonder illustrating the elements of nature, central to the mystery, to that of human nature attributes. Ancient Greek mythology also brings to light archetypes of human nature: deep enduring patterns of thought and behaviour that remain powerful, transcending time and cultures.

While we are now witnessing the scourge of war, it seems the God of War, the warrior, Ares, is being enacted as the embodiment of aggression and, thriving on conflict, has been one of the strongest forces working throughout human history.

Ares, God of War - Warrior, Dancer, Lover

I, therefore, invite you into my world of fantasy where Greek Mythology and the Natural World intertwine, a fusion of images created to bring harmony and to celebrate the beauty of our natural world through mythology. The series Beyond Mythology, the Myths of Nature will be showcased in the most suitable venue where Art meets Nature at Villa Carlotta in Lake Como, whose cultural heritage is unique for its fusion of history, art and nature for to Love Art is to Love Nature.

The exhibition is organized by Tablinum Cultural Management in Bellagio, whose innovative strategies are designed to combine traditional artistic knowledge with the complexity of the changes taking place in today’s cultural world, together with the support of the Canadian Council for the Arts, Canada’s public art funder, which contributes to the vibrancy of creative and diverse arts and literary scene - Bringing Arts to Life - through grants to Canadian artists & arts organizations.

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