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Celebrating 10th-year anniversary of Tablinum Cultural Management

I have been collaborating with Tablinum Cultural Management for the past five years which have been the most enriching experiences ever since I was invited to showcase my artwork at Villa Carlotta in Lake Como in 2018. I had the pleasure of meeting Alessandro Cerioli, Project Manager, together with Elisa Larese, Curator, at the Florence Biennale in 2017. Both Alessandro & Elisa offer professional services to artists and specialize in the management of creative assets in the art market.

It has been quite an interesting journey which started in 2018 when I showcased my series, Aenigma, and the following year in 2019, the series, Love in Lake Como. Both exhibitions took place in the Torretta, a magnificent historical tower in the middle of the famous botanical garden at Villa Carlotta. Thereafter, I was invited once again to showcase a very special series entitled Arthemision The Myth of Nature which was quite a success when visitors from New York, Geneva, London and Amsterdam came to the opening of the exhibition.

Today, I am showcasing my artwork with Tablinum Cultural Management together with artists from Egypt, South Africa, France and Italy at World Art Dubai. This is an incredible experience, thanks to the expertise and professionalism of Alessandro Cerioli who is well-versed in the world of art, and displays exceptional care for the work of the artists.

Finally, I am excited to be invited to a solo exhibition in Menaggio in August curated by Tablinum Cultural Management and entitled ARTATTITUDE 2023 taking place from 8 until 20 August 2023. No doubt this will be another exciting experience in Lake Como!

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