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Day 10 - The Italian Style - La Dolce Vita

The situation here in Italy is quite similar to a lot of places in the Western world. The lack of workers in the service industry, especially trained and experienced, is becoming more & more an unbearable situation for hotels and restaurants, and I am making reference to big hotels & restaurants. What I have noticed here is that the family-run hotels & restaurants are the ones that can offer a professional and personalized service that big hotels, even five-star hotels, are unable to provide.

Once again, I was pleasantly surprised when I found this new place, Bar & Bistrò Vittoria, across the street from my hotel, a charming and quaint terrasse with a spectacular view sitting on the edge of Lake Como. The vines on its roof offer a respite from the heat while listening to the birds chirping with the scent of jasmine, a true delight. While speaking to the young man who was there every day, I found out that he was actually the owner of the place. Andrea, who comes from Como, is a 28-year-old young man who saved his money and bought the place a few years ago. When I was here three years ago, I used to walk by that same place which was not quite what is expected in this chic part of Lake Como. Andrea turned this little Bistrot into a stylish jewel offering delicious & fresh food. A perfect place to have lunch or an Aperol Spritz enjoying la Dolce Vita.

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