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Day 11 – Dancing in the Light

The night before the end of the show, however, it was a festive night in Lake Como because of the festivities with the fireworks on the lake in Griante, across from my hotel and the Bar & Bistrot Vittoria. The festive vibe could be felt all around the area with people gathering for a very special evening. The weather was perfect and it was a clear night with stars shining and aligned in the sky above as if the universe was participating in this celebration.

It was a grand celebration, especially at Andrea’s Bar & Bistrot Vittoria where a wine tasting menu was being offered by Lucas and his lovely wife, Ca'di frar A' wine. I was able to taste the rosé pinot noir, it was unlike any rosé wine I ever tasted before, absolutely exquisite. The bar and the whole via Regina were buzzing with people as they gathered to watch the fireworks. It was a very special night for me because today is the end of my exhibition at Villa Carlotta. It’s as if this was a bid farewell and the show was particularly special because a group of friends from Amsterdam, Germany, London and New York came for the opening. Indeed, it was another amazing and enriching experience while enjoying the cosmic dance - dancing in the light!

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