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Day 14 - Art meets Nature at Villa Carlotta

Reflecting on the last three weeks that I have been in my beloved Lake Como, the exhibition at Villa Carlotta is part of an artistic journey about art, nature, and the human element. Lake Como is magnificent and even more so when there is that sense of belonging resulting from nurturing relationships, and making new friends while widening the circle. During my stay and for the third time, I am trying to learn Italian because I believe that to truly understand a culture, one has to learn the language, which is very enriching. Being immersed in the Italian culture makes me appreciate even more being here and I understand two of my friends whose dream is to move to Italy. Hopefully, their dreams will materialize and so will mine as well.

For the past twenty years, I have travelled a great deal and have made friends from all over the world through my artistic activities, from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and North Africa, to Europe, my view of the world has been transformed and even more so, after having the privilege of working at the United Nations in New York where I have a very special family of friends.

In the midst of great divides in the world today, through my travels, I have learned that we are all connected and that our common humanity is one of the most important aspects of our world. It is also paramount that we live in harmony with the natural world where lies beauty, peace, and love. We are not much different than the natural world because, in order to grow, we need to transform and embrace the cycles of life. Trees have roots and face the wind, and the rain and transform with the seasons. As we age, we are transformed and the seeds we are planting throughout our lives germinate bringing meaning into our lives. My narrative is about Art meets Nature and this is what I am striving to share through my work.

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