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Day 9 – Nature - The Gift of Life

After having been in Lake Como for more than two weeks, and even though this is my third time here, I am still enchanted by its beauty. Wherever we look, it’s beautiful and magnificent because the natural setting dominates. The elements are omnipresent and it is very humbling. As I am sitting here at Café Vittoria 1894 (a story about this place will follow in the next blog) facing Lario (Lake Como), I am constantly attracted by this domineering body of water that brings me cool air in the midst of this heat that Italy and most of Europe is struggling with. I feel so blessed to be staying at Villa La Mirabella which feels like home. With that in mind, a comment by a friend, Sylvia, touched my heart deeply. She wrote: ‘’I fell in love with this part of Como too, all because of you, Marlene. It really felt intimate and welcoming.’’ I’m so happy that I was able to share this love and intimate sentiment I feel while I’m here.

My other friend, Chris, also wrote: “Marlene – you create a family everywhere you go. I am loving your trip photos to Europe this year.’’ Indeed, this is true because creating bonds is the most important aspect of my life and through my art and travels, I bring messages of peace, beauty, love & harmony which brings meaning to my life. My art is an instrument that allows me to expand my whole being, it’s a living experience for I know how life can be short.

I realized this once more when I was at the hotel pool the other day. I didn’t realize how the heat affected me. I got up too quickly and found myself in the water feeling faint. I was actually drowning and, fortunately, unlike the other days when I was by myself at the pool, there was a very nice couple from Milan. When they realized that I was having trouble, and I was in deep trouble, Eugene, a name will never forget, took my hands and slowly took me to the other end of the pool where I could get out safely. My whole body was shaking. I was saved by an angel and it made me realize when it’s not your time to go, the universe sees to it that you continue on your journey. I am forever once again grateful, it was not the first time I had such a close call.

Hence the reason why I am grateful every day of my life and through my passion, I strive to share this love of the natural world as a reminder of how precious our lives are and dependent on the elements of nature and the bonds we create throughout our lives.

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