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Design Week in London

During my stay in London for the Flux Exhibition 2023, I found myself in the middle of the Clerkenwell Design Week where I was staying. I was pleasantly surprised to appreciate the design of the various products whose main topic was sustainability and the understanding that change is not only found in the details but also that change is the only constant.

Modern modular sofas are designed to bring comfort to various types of living environments from private homes to hotels and other public spaces fabricated with eco-friendly materials and the awareness of sustainability and the environment. Other designs aimed to provide homes with comfort and security for recuperation and personal fulfillment and are configured to create open, light-flooded spaces, providing splendid views of treetops or the play of clouds in the sky. Nature is ushered into the home, a fusion of interior and exterior where the view of the natural world is part of the architectural design.

Despite our 21st-century reality of technological advances, our need to connect with nature remains one of the main themes of the universal human experience which is now found in design & architecture, as well as in the arts, a theme I strive to bring through the body of my artwork. I created Art Murals to bring the natural world into homes and the places we inhabit to cultivate a socially sustainable environment. The natural world shapes our human sense of beauty & harmony and to live in harmony with the natural world is what gives sense to our humanity.

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