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Happy Holidays from New York!

The Holidays bring joy to my heart and nostalgia about the past celebrating as a family when my dear mother was still with us. Our mother was the glue that kept the family together, regardless of our differences, as we were all leading very different lives at different stages and lived in different places. Our mother reminded us that deep down we all came from the same place and that the core human values of kindness she demonstrated throughout her life were part of who we became.

My holiday celebration takes place in New York with my family of friends who, just like me, are single and don’t have children. They have been part of my life for a very long time and I feel so grateful to share these core human values, although we all come from different parts of the world, and treat each other with respect for we value our friendship.

On the world stage, the holidays bring to the forefront our common humanity while celebrating our differences. On this side of the Atlantic, we may be far from what’s happening in Ukraine but there is no ocean that can keep us from empathizing with the pain and suffering of its people, together with the millions of others whose lives are destitute.

I dream of that New Earth where people will live in peace and harmony, in the hope of a more just and equal world.

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