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Love Naturalia in Lake Como

Once again, I am called upon to showcase my artwork from 8 until 20 August 2023 in my favourite place in Italy, Lake Como, where I feel intense joy being in such a magnificent natural setting. I also had the chance of meeting interesting people who have become friends. As in previous exhibitions for the past five years, Tablinum Cultural Management will curate this special exhibition of my body of work in the care of the Tettamanti Art Gallery in Menaggio.

My love story with Lake Como started in 2018 when I first showcased my work at Villa Carlotta. The reason was that I had met Elisa Larese, the Contemporary art curator at Tablinum and Alessandro Cerioli, the Founder of Tablinum Cultural Management, at the Florence Biennale in 2017. The Florence Biennale was an extraordinary experience and a great opportunity to explore Florence, a museum in itself. What is also significant to me is that I was the recipient of the International Award “Lorenzo il Magnifico”, 5th Prize for Photography. The artworks presented at the Biennale were from the series ''Iconic Egypt & Beyond'', a series I created in 2004 after having been invited by the Egyptian Tourist Office to Egypt. Thereafter, the series was showcased in Egypt, Montreal, Ottawa, Paris and London, an important threshold in my life as an artist.

Before using digital photography, I spent hours in the lab, manually tinting and fusing my black-and-white images to create a surreal effect. The process also involved having the prints scanned and printed on large canvases that I painted over with oil paint.

This process is referred to as ''Pintography'' whereby the digitally fused images are printed on canvas and painted over with oil paint. Being a rebel with a cause, I challenge the current boundaries between the artistic categories of photography and painting. This is not mixed media, it's rather my own technique that I developed as a result of my 34 years of experience with photography.

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