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The Holidays, Time to Love!

I usually get into the spirit of the holidays by watching movies which bring back memories of my growing up, especially memories of my late father. The movie that brings back those memories is ''It's a Wonderful Life'' and the reason is that the first time I saw that movie, I was home alone with my father and the main character, played by James Stewart, looked like him. Every time I watch this movie, I cry for I wish I had been more conscious of those precious moments in time as my father passed away when I was 14 years old. I'm a professional weeper and a hopeless romantic, I cry every time something beautiful touches my heart which is the case when watching such movies!

I grew up in a small village up north of Montreal, Saint-Félicien, in a big family which was normal in those days in French Catholic Quebec. There were eight children in my family, five boys and three girls, while my aunt next door had 14 children. Needless to say, the holidays were filled with parties and it was unlike today as most of us live far apart from each other. I remember my mother cooking until late in the night to prepare for the réveillon. Those are such precious memories which filled my imagination as I felt like I was in a movie, especially because I had the impression that there was a mistake and that I was born in the wrong place. I feel more at home in New York, where I lived for many years, or Europe for some reason. I didn't have that sense of belonging, I felt different and I was different in many ways. I dreamt of travelling the world and watching movies was my refuge which ignited my passion for photography. I did travel a great deal and still do to capture the beauty of our wonderful world while spending time with my family of friends from all over the world collecting more memories.

We have been taught that we are all separate from each other and separate from the worlds around us. Now new scientific discoveries are confirming that we are all connected. The holidays are a reminder that we are indeed all connected and that abundance is to love abundantly. Henry Miller wrote: ''The only thing we never get enough of is love, and the only thing we never give enough is love.''

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